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The game is currently in alpha state, check our IndieDB-page for more updates and info.

Bloodraider is a DotA like MOBA game.
The client currently contains:

-3 playable heroes with not many spells but working pathfinding
-Two jungles
-Pulling of lanecreeps, blocking/stacking of neutrals
-Tier 1-4 towers

-Lobbies and a serverlist (public/league)
-Leagues, you can host them where teams fight versus eachother in competitions
-A kind of lifestreaming, you can watch league games, look up
hero informations and control the personal camera so you can decide
what you wanna see from the match
-A friendlist to join others in lobbies or look what they are currently doing

The game is currently in a development stage where bugs and exceptions can occur,
maybe destroying the game experience and/or causing errors. Case-o-Matic assume no liability
to these errors but hopes that you can enjoy the game how its meant to be.